About YouthPro Fitness

E.J. Henderson knows the importance of proper physical fitness and nutrition, and his lifestyle choices helped him achieve an outstanding Pro Bowl career in the NFL.  Excelling in organized sports — or simply living a healthy life — starts early, and Youth Pro Fitness and Nutrition will give your child and the entire family the skills and knowledge for total body health.YoPro is owned by professional athletes and certified youth fitness trainers to bring the best fitness and nutritional education to your child and family.

Passion produces results.  Get signed up today!

  • Owned by Professional Athletes
  • Nutrition and Health expertise
  • Certified Physical Trainers
  • Goal-oriented education means non-competitive personal
    growth based on individual goals

The benefits of the Youth Pro Fitness programs are numerous: weight management, improved athletic performance, improved attention and focus, better academic performance, new friendships established, and perhaps most importantly, increased self-esteem. The results of Youth Pro Fitness reach far beyond the physical benefits. Besides improved endurance and flexibility, increased muscle tone, and weight loss, parents have noted that their children display increased self-esteem and confidence, better eating habits, and even better grades in school!


Teaching children how to lead a healthy lifestyle today will produce healthy, productive adults tomorrow 


Get fit while having fun

  • Learn about healthy eating choices
  • Make new friends
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence!
  • Boost in athletic performance
  • Increased flexibility and endurance
  • Strength conditioning increases bone density as well as tendon and ligament strength
  • Cardio exercise increases lung capacity while burning body fat


Our goal is to empower our local youth to take ownership of their health and fitness lifestyles.

It is YoPro’s hope and expectation that we will achieve new levels of academic and sports performance, overall health stabilization and increased self-esteem as a result.