YoPro Performance is designed to improve individual skill sets within a team environment.  Our programs will undoubtedly improve youth athletes in all types of sports, whether they play soccer, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse or tennis.  Our expert trainers will teach your child the exact fundamentals needed to improve their speed, get stronger, and increase agility and performance.  Learning how to train the RIGHT way is the key to maximizing their success over their sports career.

If your child, or your entire team, is looking for the competitive edge to outperform their competition, this program is a must have for their training arsenal.  Our youth athletes are taught by highly trained, certified trainers and professional athletes who have performed at the highest level.  Receiving instruction from these professionals is the surest way to see immediate and successful results in your child.

While our programs are designed for team training, our professional trainers focus on every child, and give each athlete the attention they need to succeed.  All of the athletes are given constant guidance, reassurance, and focus.

Our goal is to not only improve every athlete’s ability, but to also to provide an encouraging environment where they are taught the importance of teamwork, recognition and friendship.  Staying consistent with our core principles, we want children to have fun and challenge themselves while supporting their fellow athletes that are in camp with them.  There is no “I” in team and our program emphasizes the importance of support and respect from everyone.

Building healthier, stronger, faster and more confident children remains our number one priority.

EJ Henderson and YoPro PerformanceWe encourage individuals and teams to join our program.  Our 60 minute program will challenge individuals, build teamwork and provide them with lifelong training advice that they can take with them.  Our hands on, confidence building instruction will focus on:

  • Sprint Mechanics: Arm Action, Form Running, Etc…
  • Agility Training: Deceleration, Cutting, Change of Direction Etc…
  • Hand Eye Coordination: Throwing, Catching, Etc…
  • Core Training: Sit-Ups, Planks, Etc…
  • Flexibility: Dynamic Stretching and Static Stretching
  • Nutrition: Information Provided by FDA

The Youth athletes participate in challenging, yet fun drills that are designed to enhance their motor skills, movement patterns and overall fitness levels.

As parents and coaches we constantly ask ourselves how our children can compete in today’s demanding youth sports environment.

Have you ever found yourself watching a youth sporting event and noticed a particular child standing out above the rest?  Are you constantly looking for that answer to what will improve their skills and make them better?

The answer is simple; these gifted kids work out harder, smarter and are being taught the training techniques that work.  Your answer is YoPro Performance.

YoPro Fitness offers these programs to mixed-sport athletes as well as entire teams wanting to improve their overall athletic skill sets.

Coaching clinics are also available, which provide the same training techniques to coaches who are always looking for that competitive edge.  Our comprehensive and hands-on program teaches coaches how to train their athletes in an encouraging, challenging, and team-driven environment.

Summer is right around the corner! As you start to look for that next summer sports camp, we encourage you to talk to one of our advisors to see how we can help your young athlete improve their athletic skills, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and help them maximize their athletic potential.


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