Check out YoPro’s healthy recipe ideas for kids!

Good nutrition is key to a person’s overall wellbeing. This is especially true for children as their bodies grow and develop. A well-balanced diet provides children with the energy they need to get through the day and the nutrients they need to develop strong, healthy bodies and minds.  Unfortunately, many of today’s children are consuming diets that are nutritionally inadequate.

Brie Smith, Registered Dietitian, and the rest of the YoPro team invite you to join us in our mission to integrate good nutrition practices into the lives of area youth.

The YoPro Fit after school program, in partnership with Community Education, pairs nutrition lessons and healthy snacks with fun, structured workouts for the participating youth athletes.

YoPro also offers separate nutrition workshops that are designed to empower your children, and entire family, to develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!

 YoPro educates children and their parents about:

-The YoPro 5 tips for healthy living

-Preparing balanced meals

-Eating together as a family

-The division of responsibility in the feeding relationship

-Healthy snacking

-Choosing healthy options at restaurants

-Creating healthy eating habits at home

-Sport-specific nutrition information

-Food Label Reading

-Portion Control

-Eating healthy on the run… and more!


YoPro Nutrition Workshops are great for groups too! Contact Brie at to set up a workshop for your team, troop, or youth group.

Be sure to visit our website regularly for information about our upcoming events and to check out the latest issue of The YoPro Tasty Times.

 Congratulations on taking the first step toward a healthier tomorrow!