Earn Rewards with YoPro Points

Earn Rewards with YoPro Points from Youth Pro Fitness & Nutrition

What are YoPro Points?

YoPro Points are physical currency that YoPro youth participants can earn and are used to purchase items from YoPro.

The YoPro Points program was created as a way to incentivize and reward kids for achieving specific goals, encouraging positive results in other YoPro participants, and acting in accordance with the YoPro mantra.

How are YoPro Points earned?

  • Earn points for showing up for a YoPro event
  • Participating in community service – youth participants simply bring a signed note from their parent stating what & when the service was performed
  • Showing extra effort and inspiring other YoPro teammates
  • Referring friends to YoPro
  • There are many other ways to earn YoPro Points throughout YoPro classes, and can be explained in further detail by one of the YoPro staff
  • Academic achievements – youth participants can receive points for achieving good grades and good reports in school (i.e. report card with all A’s, positive comments from teachers, etc.). Participants simply bring a parent-signed copy of the report card to a YoPro class.
  • Earn Points 10 points for watching the iYoPro lesson and doing at least 6 extra iYoPro 30 minute workouts within a week (including weekends). This is an honor code – parents must write down this activity and sign off on it.
  • More ways to earn YoPro Points

What Can Be Purchased with YoPro Points?

YoPro currently offers the following items for purchase using YoPro Points.

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